"We live in a materials world!" Historically, this sentence has become prophecy and arguably most technologies affecting our lives are inevitably relying on key materials. Would there be microelectronics without mastering inorganic semiconductors, most notably silicon, or would there be plastics without tayloring organic polymers? Absolutely not! So, it is clear that future progress will depend on the continuing evolution and smart combination of materials. In particular in the field (opto-)electronics, materials with specific optical and electronic properties, are being merged to construct advanced devices with new functions.

The main objective of this KOSMOS Summer University is to teach fundamentals of the physics and chemistry of (opto-)electronic materials. Focus is on an integrative approach combining the key expertise from scientists representing the three "Ms": Make, Measure, and Model. Therefore, the event brings together young researchers from different backgrounds to generate a creative and interactive learning environment. The program will be composed of tutorials and research highlights by current leaders in their field as well as critical analysis of the literature and the development of innovative ideas (proposals) in smaller interdisciplinary teams.

The program will be complemented by various other activities involving the unique research and innovation environment of the science and technology park Berlin-Adlershof.

The KOSMOS Summer University 2014 will gather leading experts and help to foster the next generation of young researchers in the burgeoning field of (opto)electronic materials research. We are looking forward to two weeks of exciting insights and stimulating discussions - simply lots of great science with lots of great young scientists!

Claudia Draxl & Stefan Hecht